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6) Accept the cost of freedom and help others do the same. Also very friendly staff and best of all the best prices in town! HAVE to buy fuel from your marina? Menu Reflect this praise through reviews and social media. A growing shortage of do-it-yourself boatyards is impacting the sport's growth. We offer Truck Rental thru U-Haul as well as Boxes and Moving Supplies needed for a smooth move. We are the one-stop location for all of your maintenance and repair needs. We are a do-it-yourself boat yard for customers who want to maintain their own . I will always and only use Ventura Harbor Boatyard until they sell out, which I sincerely hope they never do. 29 52.49 Our 7680 US-1 location has many storage units, including climate controlled storage units. In short, competent boat storage is a two-way street with both the owner and the boatyard steering the outcome. Ive also experienced only the yard can roll paint on your bottom due to environmental concerns. Oasis Marina is a 45 slip Marina located just off the Intracoastal waterway in historic St. Augustine Florida. Our hauling capabilites are as follows: 77,000LB weight limit for travel lift 22' maximum sling spread (sling to sling) 15.5 ' beam, 5.5 ' draft Hauling Packages Priced per foot of the boat See Contact/Location for view of haul slip Daily Yard Storage Priced per days spent in yard. We no longer offer do it yourself sanding and painting. A growing shortage of do-it-yourself boatyards is impacting the sport's growth. With sailboats, sling placement is crucial, and the geometry of the hull shape in conjunction with the cable lead adjustability on the lift will determine how equal the sling loading will be. Once your boat is high and dry, a last check should be made to reduce windage, and the rigging that was loosened or disconnected for hauling should be reattached. Those seeking lowest-cost options need to be especially aware of how their boat will be hauled and handled. Outboard Marine Service Inc Boat Maintenance & Repair Marine Equipment & Supplies (772) 286-2662 991 SE Monterey Rd Stuart, FL 34994 45. -->
. And we offer the lowest rates in town. The GHYY yard crew used plenty of timber blocks for keel support and cross chained screw-jack poppets to provide both athwartship and fore and aft stability for Wind Shadow. We specialize in multi-hull haul out located in ahurricane protected area. The ironic thing is that in many places where we are limited to using the yards staff or a short list of outside contractors, there is dire need for skilled workers. How Well Do Anchor Swivels Reduce Chain Twist? Harbortown offers a marina and boat yard destination due west of the Ft. Pierce Inlet adjacent to the Intercoastal Waterway at Marker R"184", conveniently located north of downtown Ft. Pierce. The DIY yard we currently use has been good, they leave me alone to do whatever I needed to do. Bottom painting, thru-hull service . Complying with new environmental regulations adds significantly to overhead. I have never sailed too far from home, so I kind of assumed other coastal States were broadly similar, but the article and the comments paint a pretty bleak picture. Stuart, FL 34994 43. The Palm Beaches #1 Do-it-Yourself Boatyard Seminole Marine in the West Palm Beach area of South Florida offers both a 75 metric ton and a 100 metric ton Travelift. There is never anyone in the office to ask questions or to make payments to. Still, we question the logic of using one. How Well Do Anchor Swivels Reduce Chain Twist? I recently purchase a Sea Ray 310 Sundancer that Im using as my large pocket cruiser for distance coastal cruising and living aboard for a week or two at a time. Very experienced staff can help you with any kind of project or allow you to work on your own. Something to keep in mind when you seek out a work break in the AC. . Also, there are lots of contractors who do poor work. They tell us they are assessing reopening the yard to DIY, but the state of WA watches them like a hawk just waiting for an infraction so it is safer for them to stay with offering only employee services. Sailboats with external ballast easily endure the pressure imposed by keel blocks but may be troubled by the hull weight pressing down and flexing the keel/hull joint. One down-side of the do-it-yourself boatyard is the number of owners who either dont know or dont care about their neighbors. This is about a couple of miles west of Cape Marina on the barge canal between the Cape Canaveral Locks and the Indian River. If you dont mind the journey The Boat Works at Coomera cannot be beaten. Friendly staff that can point you to good subs if needed, professional haul out service employees that are very prompt. The very reason I installed four tubing columns on my trailer, with strap trailer winches mounted at the column tops, to easily lift my boat for bottom painting. Welcome to Jensen Beach Boat Rentals, where you can find the boat of your dreams at a price you can afford. Best affordable east coast DIY marina for refit Liveaboard friedly DIY yard on Texas coast, A Marina that Allows DIY and Liveaboard in the Largo / Ft Lauderdale / Bahama Areas. The other options are Lemon Tree Passage or Oyster Cove both Port Stephens or Marks Point at Lake Macquarrie. Great Storage at Low Prices! With 125 years of combined hands-on fabrication experience, the C 2 Shore leadership team guarantees exceptional quality and superior craftsmanship on every project they handle. We provide numerous high-quality marine services in Southeastern Florida. Greetings and welcome aboard the CF, whystay. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); You have entered an incorrect email address! There are not nearly enough contractors for the work people already want, wait times are typically several weeks before anyone can show up at your boat. Oasis Marina is a 45 slip Marina located just off the Intracoastal waterway in historic St. Augustine Florida. Standing up a vessel thats designed to float can be quite a challenge. All other marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners. One bit of boatyard wisdom worth remembering: Being told that yours is the biggest vessel ever hauled by the facility should not be confused with words of encouragement.. Above all, if your boat is being hauled by a crane, be sure the operator uses spreader bars, a cage that keeps the sling load from compressing the hull. They have the usual rules, that I always follow, and I keep a clean work area. This may be naive, optimistic at best (its probably optimistic to think this will be read at all), but to those of us so inclined weve got to try. My experience in Europe varies. By noting in advance the skills of the craftsmen in the boatyard, you know whether or not appropriate expertise is available. Be sure to learn the rules regarding subcontracted work, a gray area that can cause serious dissension between yard staff and a boat owner. The operators there Alex and his crew are excellent. N 27 08.717' Have you been thinking of buying a boat? Sort:Default. Our goal is to have you in and out as quickly as possible to enjoy your boat. Theres a three-fold approach to cost-effective boating: Buy a sound but older boat, keep it on a mooring rather than in a costly marina, and find a boatyard thats user friendly to the "do-it-yourselfer." Across the country, this third step is becoming less of an option. I cant see a yard like this stopping DIY. Stop by our office and talk with our boatyard professionals. I agree with John Stone. We are a do-it-yourself boat yard for customers who want to maintain their own boats. Fort Lauderdale's Do-It-Yourself Boat Yard. We can do this to your deck too. Around the country-and the Caribbean-they are being swallowed up by chains faster than you can say condominium. Those boatyards that arent going upscale are being flattened to make way for townhomes or condos. Insurance claims show that a significant amount of vessel damage has been caused by partially unfurled headsails capsizing blocked-up sailboats. Its just an excuse to suck more money out the pockets of rich boat owners who dont care that an oil change costs $300. Unfortunately marina owners are often unaware of the regulatory landscape, and a lot of marina owners will err on the side of caution, rather than risk potential liability under regulations they dont fully understand. Call us today to schedule your haulout! . I appreciate the optimism, and you are definitely right to mention talking to representatives. a no frills DIY yard. All other marks contained herein are the property of their respective owners. From towers to, From Business: Red2Green Marine Service is a complete service center. That may have been more effective here because we have a ton of small marina and general marine industry companies, so more sparse States might not get the critical mass to influence policy and regulation, but small businesses organizing can be powerful. Let them know just how valuable and important they are, not just to you, but to boating as an activity. As said above, independents give up because its a thankless job. Our units are available from 50 sq.ft.to 600 sq.ft. Don't worry about cleanup or maintenance, rent today! Already the quality of service has gone down the drain. Whatever your need, A&J Boat Works can handle the job. Call, or visit, us for more information. Wellman Enterprises is a family-owned and -operated business that specializes in custom marine paint application. This guy knows his stuff! I would strongly recommend IndianTown Marina. Maybe a case could be made that his particular exercise of freedom infringes on the safety of others but its safest for our freedoms to err on the side of freedom. 30 & 50 Amp Service Nautical Ventures Marine Center offers some of the most competitive storage and dockage rates in South Florida. It is ~20 minutes from the St. Lucie Inlet with no bridges. The Marina is located in downtown St. Augustine close to all the shops, restaurants and amenities of the Oldest City. We are a full service boat yard specializing in custom work tailored to our clients needs and services. We also ha, We provide full detailing of your auto, boat, yachts, or recreational vehicles. They get you on the hook for a $5000 job that ends up costing $20k. I'm not sure, but I suspect they may be the cheapest in the state. Further, in New York, one needs a pesticide license to paint bottoms which marinas use as an excuse to prevent owners from painting the bottoms even in DYI yards, even if the owner has the license. We offer daily, monthly and annual slip rentals for all size vessels. The other options are Lemon Tree Passage or Oyster Cove both Port Stephens or Marks Point at Lake Macquarrie. Our boat yard and marina has been in business since 1992. Theyre real people and Ive been surprised at how willing some of them are to at least communicate. Need work done? Volatile winter storms can pack the punch of a tropical storm, so whether afloat or on dry land, a vessel needs to be able to endure the onslaught. Cranes up the ante for concern, and their operation requires extreme care, especially if they are used to transport a vessel once it is hoisted from the water. Hurricance Cove Marina & Boatyard is located on the historic Miami River and only a short drive from Downtown Miami, Miami Beach, and Key Biscayne. Yet another quality of life casualty brought to us by progress and profits. Im a power boater that enjoys PS and decided not to up size to 40 something foot liveaboard boat due to the rising costs. The boatyard is a working boatyard and is a great place for do it yourselfers and those who have professionals to assist if necessary. We'll h Location & Hours 4715 SE Desoto Ave They offer a comprehensive list of services that includes yacht management, mechanical and electrical repairs, fiberglass fabrication, MarineDeck 2000 installation, air conditioning descaling, and marine appliance repairs, among others. We specialize in multi-hull haul out located in a hurricane protected area. What CAN we do? Our Services Include: Best of both worlds. Search: Box 36 | Port Salerno, Florida 34992 Phone: (772) 223-5022 Fax: (772) 223-8102 Port Salerno Marine | 4715 SE Desoto Ave | Stuart, Florida 34997. We can directly change that by THANKING them! And no one but the yard owner seems to care, mostly because no one is willing to fight the state to stay in business. They have a do it yourself on the hard, but you can not live on your boat while you work on it. Wedging the keel bulb to prevent such an oscillation makes sense. Periodically your boat needs to be dry docked, hauled out and set on the hill to have the bottom scraped and painted. No one is going to pay $45/per day for their boat to sit in the yard waiting for a contractor to show up, while not being allowed to do the work. These licensed fabricators do acrylic enclosures, coaming bolsters, bedding ensembles, foam mattresses, drapes, cushions, upholstery, and so much more. Do It Yourself Boat Yards in Stuart, FL. Well here are some thoughts. To make a reservation or for additional information please contact our office. That said, the yard guys do great work, and will help with a project with the loan of a wrench (or a magnet, if you drop it in the bilge). All Ground Floor Solid-Walled Units A/C & Non-A/C Spaces with easy access No Deposit Rent Month-To-Month Super Clean Video Surveillance Computerized Gate Access Locks, Box, I met Larry when I got my first boat. Lindsay Marine Sales & Service, Inc. Boat Maintenance & Repair Boat Dealers Website 25 YEARS IN BUSINESS View loggerhead sea turtles in season, green tree frogs, reef geckos, many species of butterflies, and horseshoe crabs. The results were surprising. Belvoir Media Group, LLC. They have a GREAT travel-lift. The park is primarily an island ecosystem and offers guided nature walks. You could say we know a thing or two about boats. The hours are long, and unless you have an irrepressible need to be around broken boats, the payoff is hardly worth the effort. In other parts of the bay, more-exposed boatyards suffered from the extreme tide and the debris that swept through the hauled-out fleet, toppling jack-stands and the boats on them. We have a marina here in Stuart FL, that was gobbled up by big investment group. You're free to "do-it-yourself", supply your own contractor, or speak to one of the many qualified contractors who base their operations right on our property. They have little use for DIY and I had some words with the manager when I was there. Has a crane, lift, and boat stands. He is smart in, Best Boat repair technicians in Stuart, hands down!! We have not kept up to date, Oyster Cove info is current, but have used all of these yards at various times. The ranks of entry-level sailors, starting out in smaller boats, are thinning, and if both the industry and the consumer arent careful, mid-sized keelboat sailing will once again become an activity relegated to those of means. Yard is fairly easy to get to and work in. This sense of compatibility between a yard and a boat owner is important, especially if you like to work on your boat. Since you are high and dry take advantage of this time to have some additional work done. 4) Heap praise on the independents. I had my boat on the hard there and lived in it and did most of my own work. Riverside kinda a dump. FAX 772-597-2451. Reed Point Marina in Port Moody BC. Most yards have an information sheet, perhaps even a website, that lists the yards dos and donts, and spells out the scope of work that an owner can do on his own. Seldom does one find less to fix than originally planned. It is so serious in some states that the local marine industry councils are funding apprenticeship programs and specialized curricula through vocational schools. This is where the DIYer can make or break a relationship with a boatyard and the art of spending refit dollars efficiently is truly tested. Its def. Pail or Paul, for Sydney try Noakes in The Harbour, very professional they DID allow owners to work on their yachts but you must have 3rd part insurance and pass a simple safety induction test. As I review the preliminary results from our most recent bottom paint report, Im again haunted by a recurring nightmare. zhuri james net worth 2021 / low carb ground beef and spinach recipes / low carb ground beef and spinach recipes These what-ifs include the potential impact of gale or storm-force winds, a significant tidal rise, and torrential rain. But no matter how good the gear, the skill of the operator is the most important variable of all. The details change, but the scenario is the same: I need a haulout soon, but the only boatyard around is a plush affair with a swimming pool, sauna, and waterfront restaurant. Nice family and worth it for the transporter alone. The RPAYC in Pittwater allows DIY and gives great support, however, I think the DIY option might be a members-only privilege. Boat Maintenance & Repair (772) 342-2042. We cater towards captains. They take a break, From Business: one stop shop for all your boating needs, From Business: Coastal Marine's 35 year reputation for outstanding service is second to none. Theres a three-fold approach to cost-effective boating: Buy a sound but older boat, keep it on a mooring rather than in a costly marina, and find a boatyard thats user friendly to the do-it-yourselfer.. I agree 100 percent with this post. Greece , no problem , most yards will allow you to work on your boat. Inland boat storage in hurricane protected area. Fish Cleaning Station We offer simple, honest marine services at the most affordable prices possible.. period. Andrew and his crew is top notch, dependable, communicates intent, and has the power and water available. It is a DIY boatyard. Operations include routine bottom painting and running gear maintenance; repairs to fiberglass and wood; replacement and overhaul of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and hydraulic systems: and refinishing of painted and varnished surfaces. We see the new boat buyer has lots of money to have someone do the work for him/her. They agreed to fix it and I, Exceeded Expectations Mike Sternberg of Wildfire Marine in Stuart, Fl is a true craftsman in fabrication, fiberglass, and painting. 92. The yard also has numbers of people who can assist you in various stages of your project. As a result, the chance of a boat owner finding an affordable do-it-yourself boatyard is becoming less likely with each passing year. Do it yourself: Yes: Haulout Capabilities. Just stroll through any boat show and hear how easily six-digit boat prices roll off the tongues of todays production-boat dealers. Granted, a certificate does not guarantee proficiency. Galesville Harbor Yacht Yard on Marylands western shore of Chesapeake Bay is more casual than corporate. Theres tangible value in having an enjoyable place to add the TLC your boat deserves. We have many * subcontractors already approved by the yard. The Florida Clean Boatyard Program is a voluntary designation program that encourages boatyards to implement environmentally conscious practices. No, Im beached now, but have these ideas to get back out, retired, & all that free time! http://www.weeksyachtyard.com/dec_notice.htm. Small town environment, customer friendly staff. 91. Its great for them because, as noted in the article, theres a serious skills shortage and they cant get and keep enough boatyard staff to meet demand. Did mine 3 yrs ago and will go back as soon as they get a lift operator and start doing DIY again. Location: Live in Boise, boat is in the Rio Dulce. The dividing line between a friendly conversation and an unwelcome distraction is ill defined, but when DIYers are viewed by the yard staff as an annoyance, it isnt long before the yard transitions into a no owner work allowed facility. Boat Yards Boat Maintenance & Repair. Pre-owned 1973 Wasque 32' downeast boat (1,088 hrs) for sale in Stuart, Florida (near Port St. Lucie) - $35,000. Port Salerno Marine | 4715 SE Desoto Ave | Stuart, Florida 34997, Mailing:P.O. There are two in Rockport, TX. Phone: 863-983-3040. 561-622-7600. Seminole Marine is Palm Beach Gardens most accessible DIY Boat Yard. The efficient haul was followed by a thorough high-pressure washdown that removed all soft marine growth, leaving behind only a few tenacious barnacles at the bottom. This restructure of the waterfront to non-water-dependent use is a land management failure that is happening in most every coastal community across the nation. The operator should be skilled and by reflex should be able to get the slings properly positioned and your boat safely blocked. All rights reserved. St. Augustine, FL N. Port Saint Lucie, FL 34952. ,